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Make Small Shifts with Major Impact for 2023
*For Previous Clients Only*


Has 2022 been a Challenge on your Finances, Health, Relationship or Business?

The passage of time has a direct effect on the energy of your place, making an impact on your life, health, money and relationships. Additionally, it's easy to make changes during the year without realizing that they can have an effect your circumstances.

Did Circumstances in 2022 Shift your Outcomes?

Have you made changes in your environment that impacted the energy and are causing discord?

Bringing in new items of furniture

Changing the position of existing cures (sometimes even inches matter)

Build up of clutter

Change in the use of a space (or even who is using the space)

Getting a new pet without adapting the Feng Shui


Together with the changes made in your place

over the course of the last year, may have

a negative impact on your work and your life.

Why You Need This Now...

  1. Course Correction takes weeks or months to come into full effect, and you want to position yourself before the energy field has begun to have unwanted outcomes.

  2. You will benefit most by getting ahead of the curve versus playing catch up.

  3. You may need some time to create the necessary changes to position yourself to be able to maximize your leverage of the energy field for 2023 for your success.

Your 2023 Annual Update Includes:

  • An upgraded floorpan to optimize your home or workplace

  • Intention and goal setting exercise to set your priorities in 2023

  • Customized recommendations to engineer your place for results

  • A consultation to further tailor your environment to your needs



2023 Focus on Supportive Energy for Health and Vitality

  • Protect yourself by repelling hostel and discordant energies

  • Bring in peaceful and aligned energy that supports your life and work

  • Invite the most vibrant energy 2023 has to offer into your space


2023 Focus on Rejuvenation

  • Engineer the bedroom to reduce conflict and discord

  • Ensure your bedroom supports your health and restful sleep with harmonious energy

  • Create positive changes in your relationships as the year unfolds


2023 Focus on Increasing Wealth Opportunities

  • Create a vortex of protection to support your secure and safety

  • Optimize the environment to create opportunities for wealth

  • Access the positive influences of 2023 for continued financial gain



"My sleep and my artistic work have both been helped. Understanding both the most healthful and the problematic areas, as they shift over time, has improved both health and productivity as the years progress.
My Annual Blueprint for Success has been a game changer!"

— Erin Dieguez, Artist, Hawaii

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