Unlike generic 'one size fits all' Feng Shui, Flying Star Feng Shui is tailored uniquely to you and to the energy field of your place.

Heaven’s Influence

has to do with our destiny, indicated by the time and place of our birth.

       People’s Influence       

refers to how we influence our destiny as a result of our thoughts, words and deeds.

Earth’s Influence 

the aspect of our destiny we can affect positively when we live and work in an environment with good Feng Shui.

A powerful and effective diagnostic system, Flying Star is different from generic Feng Shui because it includes the factor of time in its calculations, as well as many other key factors that are unique to you:

  • Your birthdate

  • Career

  • Hobbies

  • Goals

  • When your place was built

  • When your business started

  • Exact compass bearing 

  • Environmental assessment

The Basic Algorithm

  • All the numbers in any line or direction add up to 15

  • Each 15 degree segment of the compass has a specific application

  • The sequence is initiated depending on the building's construction time

  • The precise orientation and environment of your building are also key factors in the algorithmic analysis

Here is a sample floor plan, divided by the 8 compass directions into different sectors.

​Remedies are given in terms of the 5 Elements and use of the space.


How Long Does it Take a 

Remedy to Have an Effect?

The time it takes depends of course on the situation, but you can expect the remedies for wealth to work in about two to three weeks.

Remedies for health move much more slowly and therefore can take longer. My experience in optimizing the bedroom for clients is that their sleep patterns improve in less than two weeks.

Are There Standard Health & Wealth 'Corners'?

Otherwise known as Rajita's pet peeve, this New Age concept is the product of successful marketing from the 70’s that does not hold up under analysis:

How could every house possibly have the same energy field?

Frustration with the lack of actual effectiveness in their life with this kind of Feng Shui, practitioners have come to me for advice and relief using Flying Star Feng Shui.

There are however, different areas in each construction that have a direct bearing on the wealth and health potential of the inhabitants.

These vary from structure to structure, can affect people differently, and like all things, change over time.

Is it Expensive to Change the Feng Shui?

Many people think that having the Feng Shui of your place done means an entire design overhaul. Unless you are a student starting out in life, most of us end up repurposing what we already have, and maybe painting an accent wall or two.

A  London client redid the entire Feng Shui of her home office, thereby more than doubling her financial goals ! All to the tune of $200 in new curtains and elements added. 

Transforming the Feng Shui of your place can be simple and tailored to your budget.

Flying Star Feng Shui can Improve Your Life.

Chances are that whatever is most stressful for you can be alleviated when all the remedies are in place:

"There has been a level of ease that I previously never experienced. I have gone from feeling stuck to feeling liberated. 

Best of all her suggestions were tailored to my budget, practical, and simple to achieve."

Nitya Amrita, Sydney Australia

See for yourself the difference that Flying Star Feng Shui offers re. how your place affects your life.

Normally US$297, for Covid times US$97.

Find out what impact your home and workplace have on your life!

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