5 Elements in Feng Shui

'Qi' is the energy that moves all things. It is the basic vibration which always exists whether it is manifesting or not. 

The 5 Elements (or 5 Phases/5 Xings) are used as an analogy to represent the different kinds of energy or 'Qi.'

Depending on their locations in your home or place of business,  placement of the 5 Elements can have a great deal of influence on your state of well being.


Below is an elementary guide to describe how the 5 Elements can appear:

Metal Element

  • Spirals inwards, focused, represents concentration. 

  • Metal colors are golds, silvers, whites and grays, listed in order of strength.

  • The shape is round, semi-circular; rounded.

  • Metallics are shiny and reflective, round, ideally but not necessarily metal. 

  • Rhythmic, consistent metallic sounds: a ticking clock with chimes, Westminster Chimes clock, Tibetan bells or classical piano music quietly playing.

  • As sound is subtle, it has a more powerful effect.

  • Always remember to avoid all ‘Fire’ colors when using Metal cures, either on the floor or the wall depending on the recommendation.​

Metal produces Water/minimized by Water, controls Wood, is controlled by Fire, and is fed by Earth.


Water Element

  • Not necessarily real water, the photos below demonstrate the waviness of water, a wavy or fluid shape.

  • Water colors are dark blue and black.

  • Photos of water are not effective as the required color is a very dark blue or black.

  • The shapes are wavy- wavy curtains, rugs, artwork, calligraphy, wavy lines in tile or woodwork, etc.

  • Water features can also be recommended; placement is specific.

  • Still water in a black or metallic bowl is another possibility.

Water produces Wood/minimized by Wood, controls Fire, is controlled by Earth, and is fed by Metal.​


Wood Element

  • Wood represents always moving ahead, striving, upward growth, being very determined.

  • Colors are lighter greens, and medium and lighter blues.

  • Dark colors do not register as Wood but as Water

  • Forms are straight and slim, like bamboo growing upright.

  • Represented by tall thin rectangular forms, flowers and living plants.

Wood produces Fire/minimized by Fire, controls Earth, is controlled by Metal, and is fed by Water.


Fire Element

  • Fire spreads outwards, radiant and hot, it represents emotion.

  • Fire colors are reds, burgundy, fuchsia, oranges, strong pinks and strong purples.

  • Fire forms are triangular, pointed, and radiate outwards.

  • Examples— red lamp shades, red candles, fire colored rugs cloths and pillows, pointed stars.

Due to fire's power and the changing nature of energy over time, it is best to not paint fire colors, but place them as moveable remedies. By the same token, do not add fire in your bedroom unless specifically recommended to do so, add yellows for warmth instead.

Fire produces Earth/minimized by Earth, controls Metal, is controlled by Water, and is fed by Wood.


Every object exerts an influence on the mind. We should not cram our homes with unnecessary objects. When we step into a house with objects that have a revitalizing presence, we can feel our minds quiet down.

Swami Purnamritananda

Earth Element

  • Represents stability, endurance, and forbearance

  • Colors are yellow, off-whites, tans & browns

  • Forms are square & rectangular, very stable

  • Materials are clay, earth soil, terra-cotta, non-jagged rocks 

Earth produces Metal/minimized by Metal, controls Water, is controlled by Wood, and is fed by Fire.