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Wealth & Success Activated

"The changes Rajita recommended were actually surprisingly simple and inexpensive totaling around $200, and I immediately saw an increase to my business revenue.  Then in my launch the following month I more than doubled the financial target I’d set! The difference in the ease of financial flow was so marked that I totally put it down the work we did to change the financial energy blueprint of my office.

I highly recommend doing this work with Rajita – one thing is for sure, I won’t be moving home without consulting her in the future!"

Catherine Watkin, Speaker, Entrepreneur

London England

 Wealth Cure Results

"Rajita is definitely talented and knows her stuff.  She had told me that I needed a water feature in my salon to help with the financial chi. She was specific on its location. I'll be honest, I wasn't fond of the location and felt it looked 'off centered'. But I trusted her and for over 1 year it had been in the same location. Finances were good and steady even in the regular slow periods.

A few weeks ago I was rearranging my salon trying to make more room.

I honestly forgot the importance of the water feature location and I moved it. I didn't move it a lot, but about 12 inches or so to the left, so it was 'centered'. About 2 weeks later I noticed we were slower than normal and it was a pretty obvious instant slowdown. Then it dawned on me... I had moved that water feature!

I thought, that had to be it! I remembered Rajita had told me if something is or isn't in the right place that I would notice within 2 weeks. Well, I immediately moved the water feature back. Yes, it's 'off -centered' again... but it's well worth it! No joke, as soon as I moved it back within 20 minutes I had two calls, one text, and one email requesting appointments and now we are back to being busy again. I owe that all to Rajita and her magical scientific expertise."   


Cheri Clark, Mirror Mirror Salon,

Makawao HI

Money Returned Exponentially!

"Since Rajita’s consultation, I’m getting $700 more a month for renting out my place. I can’t believe what a difference her Feng Shui makes! It's amazing!"

Daya Fisch,

Monterey CA

Real Estate​​ Selection

I have worked with Rajita for 10 years as her real estate broker and was always amazed at her ability to help her buyers find the perfect home. She was often able to do it— just taking them out one time to view properties—and it was clearly because she listened well and could interpret their wishes. She is very thorough in everything she does, but I have no doubt that her Feng Shui skills helped her tremendously in helping her clients.​​​

Marion Haller,

R(B)Broker in Charge, 

Windermere Valley Isle Properties Hawaii

Life Transformed: Real Estate Selection and Premium Consultation

"First and foremost Rajita has a wonderful eye for aesthetics. After following her plan for changing my bedroom I found myself smiling every time I entered. As I look back now over the last 3 years since we implemented her Feng Shui suggestions, I can track so many changes that started from that time. My health improved and my whole body structure has changed. I found myself knowing more clearly what I wanted and being able to turn those dreams into reality.

There has been a level of ease that I previously never experienced. I have gone from feeling stuck to feeling liberated. 

Best of all her suggestions were tailored to my budget, practical, and simple to achieve. 

Now as I sit in my new apartment I again am so appreciative of Rajita's assistance in this venture. She has helped with searching for the best place to buy, checking floor plans before inspection, teaching me what to look for that would support me on all the subtle levels and advising on furniture placement and accent colors. 

It is wonderful to open my front door and step into a place that looks and feels so right for me."

Nitya Amrita,

Sydney, Australia

Premium Home Consultation

I am happy to recommend Consult Feng Shui. I sought Rajita's advice when considering the purchase of my new home. The house was not without its challenges, particularly because of its original use. Rajita and I live on different sides of the equator and initially, she only had the images from the real estate agent's internet presentation to reference.​​​

Rajita suggested a number of recommendations that stopped me in my tracks, from the use of particular rooms to the placement of furniture, materials and colors. She certainly took me out of my comfort zone but my instinct told me to be open to change. I decided to incorporate almost all of her suggestions, interpreting them according to my own style preferences.

The result? I have a home that I love, the spaces flow beautifully, the colors and materials are gorgeous and the whole house resonates calm and beauty.

There isn't a person who walks in my front door who doesn't respond positively.​

I am more than happy to recommend Rajita and Consult Feng Shui. My advice to other prospective clients is to trust her and trust the process.

You can easily put your own personal stamp on your space, while still getting the best result from a feng shui point of view.​​

Toni Whitmont,

Sydney Australia

Premium Home Consultation, Health

We were trying to get pregnant and it was taking a lot longer than anticipated. Rajita patiently worked with us over some months as we implemented her Feng Shui suggestions one by one.

Amazingly, when the last cure was in place, we conceived and are now enjoying our healthy baby boy!​

Post Script (years later): Rajita told me that there was a strong possibility of conceiving in the upcoming year, and it turned out that she was absolutely correct! Her Feng Shui insight is amazing! 

Erin Dieguez,

Haiku Maui

Pro Bono Non-Profit

We still speak of it in awe of how her seemingly simple suggestions transformed -not only the space for our lives and the energy- but for everybody who come into the space. One day a significant unpleasant situation came into our office and immediately after, we moved the furniture to Rajita’s specifications.

It was a tangible, palatable, immediate conversion of the space, the personal and professional productivity in an hour, day, and the months going forward!

DeBorah Hoopingarner,

La'aKea Foundation, Paia HI


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