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​'Less is More' is an important principle. Especially in the West, where we live in a culture addicted to accumulation, we tend to collect much more than we need. Our homes are full and then many people have storage rentals as well.

As every object exerts an influence on the mind, we cannot enjoy harmonious 'Qi' if there is just too much stuff crowding our floors, shelves, eyes and minds.

Quan Yin.heic


What is beautiful emits ‘Sheng Qi’, or good energy. Being conscious of creating beauty and harmony--lack of clutter being a key element--makes for good Feng Shui.

Clutter and Cleanliness

Oversized furniture and garbage can block the smooth flow of Qi in a house. In a business this can be messy piles of paperwork, piles of boxes, crowded inventory etc. 


A place has to be clean and tidy to enjoy good Feng Shui. However, precise arrangement is not necessary, as an active area will naturally have a certain amount of random placement.

Every object exerts an influence on the mind. 

We should not cram our homes with unnecessary objects. When we step into a house with objects that have a revitalizing presence, we can feel our minds quiet down.

Swami Purnamritananada 


Look at the Images

Look at the images in your home or workplace as if you were analyzing a dream. Each image can be like a metaphor. Does the metaphor support what you want or hinder it? What would the images tell you about the people living with them? Remembering that every object exerts an influence on the mind, decide if what you see is uplifting or holding you in a negative pattern.

Your home is like your living, breathing, 3D vision board!

Sacred Space

sacred-space-candle (2).png

If possible, it is best to have a room, or an area in a room dedicated as sacred space. Sacred does not necessarily have to be religious.

The amount of the good energy found in homes that have an active sacred space is quite tangible - however that may look and feel to you- compared to those without.

This small change can make a positive difference in how life unfolds for you.

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