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Unlike 'one size fits all' Feng Shui, Flying Star Feng Shui is tailored uniquely to you and to the energy field of your place.


A powerful and effective diagnostic system, Flying Star is different from 'one size fits all' Feng Shui because it includes the factor of time in its calculations, as well as many other key factors that are unique to you:

  • Your birthdate

  • Career

  • Hobbies

  • Goals

  • When your place was built

  • When your business started

  • Exact compass bearing 

  • Environmental assessment

Flying Star Feng Shui recognizes and works with your unique factors, giving highly effective results.

Heaven Earth Man.PNG

Ancient Metaphysics teaches about a trinity of influences:

Heaven, Man and Earth Luck.

In other terms this would be considered as different aspects of Karma.

Heaven's Influence/Luck

has to do with our destiny, indicated by the time and place of our birth.

People's Influence/Luck

refers to how we influence our destiny as a result of our thoughts, words and deeds:

"We cannot change the cards we are dealt,

just how we play the game.”


Earth's Influence/Luck

is the aspect of our destiny we can affect positively when we live and work in an environment with good Feng Shui.

All are equally important, but it is much easier

to modify Earth Luck than anything else. 

If your 'Earth Luck' is good, your life will flow harmoniously. 


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How Long Does it Take a 
Remedy to Have an Effect?

The time it takes depends of course on the situation, but you can expect the remedies for wealth to work in about two to three weeks.

Remedies for health move much more slowly and therefore can take longer. My experience in optimizing the bedroom for clients is that their sleep patterns improve in less than three weeks.

Are There Standard Health & Wealth 'Corners'?

Otherwise known as Rajita's pet peeve, this New Age concept is the product of successful marketing from the 70’s that does not hold up under analysis:

How could every house everywhere in the world possibly have the same energy field?

Frustration with the lack of effectiveness in their life with this kind of Feng Shui and its lack of results, regular Feng Shui practitioners have gone to Rajita for advice and relief using Flying Star Feng Shui.


Fixed Directional Feng Shui is Superstition

8 house Feng Shui.jpeg

There are however, different areas in each construction that have a direct bearing on the wealth and health potential of the inhabitants.

These vary from structure to structure, can affect people differently, and like all things, change over time.

Belief Not
Required For Results!

"I didn't tell my husband as he would have a made fun of everything. The next day I lit the candle before I started dinner and it was like magic! We didn't fight and he had no idea. We actually had a lovely dinner and enjoyed each other's company. This is not a joke: It worked every day!!! Some days I would lite the candle a little later because I forgot, but every time it helped and kept the peace!

Debie Delaney, Sydney Australia

Is it a Big Job to Change the Feng Shui?

Many people think that having the Feng Shui of your place done means an entire design overhaul. Unless you are a student starting out in life, most of us end up repurposing what we already have and maybe painting accent walls.

A  London client redid the entire Feng Shui of her home office, thereby more than doubling the success of her financial goals! All to the tune of $200 in new curtains and elements added. 

Transforming the Feng Shui of your place can be simple and tailored to your budget.

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Flying Star Feng Shui can Improve Your Life.

Chances are that whatever is most stressful for you can be alleviated when all the remedies are in place:

"There has been a level of ease that I previously never experienced. I have gone from feeling stuck to feeling liberated. 

Best of all her suggestions were tailored to my budget, practical, and simple to achieve."

- Nitya Amrita, Sydney Australia

Find out what impact your home and workplace are having on your life with an

Regularly US$777
Now $497*

*This fee will be deducted from the cost of a subsequent consultation.

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