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Feng Shui Consultant for Better
Health Wealth and Harmony

Professional Feng Shui Consultant Los Angeles & Online Worldwide 

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Activate Abundant Flow in Your Life & Workplace with Feng Shui

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Online Feng Shui Consultation:
Live an Easier Healthier Wealthier Life

Your home or business has its own energy signature, which can either work for or against you. If you've ever moved into a new place full of optimism and anticipation—but then found that you struggled with financial, health or relationship challenges that were previously not an issue —you've likely experienced the influence your environment can have on your life.

Make the simple changes and activate dormant possibilities

to transform your home and how your life unfolds,

all conducted online using Google Earth, cell phone video and Zoom 

Aloha, I'm Rajita Antonia
Your Feng Shui Consultant


Feng Shui Expert
Los Angeles & Online:

Live an Easier, Healthier, Wealthier Life

It's frustrating to live and work in a space that doesn't support you.

I'm here to help you transform where you live and work, by making some simple changes.

Flying Star Feng Shui doesn't rely on intent or belief to be effective.


A powerful and effective diagnostic system,  Flying Star is different from the generic 'one size fits all' popular Feng Shui as it includes the factor of Time in its algorithm calculations, as well as many other key factors

unique to you:

  • your birthdate, career, hobbies and goals

  • time period in which your place was built

  • layout and how your place is being used 

  • businesses: the year it opened

  • current annual energy influences

  • the building's exact compass bearing

  • an environmental assessment is key

  • and many other factors...


An expert Feng Shui consultant who recognizes and works with your unique factors, I am fascinated with the highly effective help it gives, supporting people to live easier, healthier and wealthier lives in a home tailored just for them, that looks and feels great.



The energy field of your place can be harnessed to work for you, so your life flows more smoothly, and you experience less stress, better sleep and health, more harmony and abundance.


Make the best possible use of your space with wealth enhancing and health supporting remedies tailored specifically to who you are, what you do, and your personal goals, so your home looks and feels great.

  • Initial consultation during which recommendations are tailored to suit you

  • Analysis with remedies given directly on your floor plan for easy reference

  • Follow up consultation to ensure that all of your questions are answered

  • 8 weeks availability via email & text to ensure that your choices align for you to live with the best possible outcomes

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"Since Rajita’s consultation, I’m getting $700 more a month for renting out my place. I can’t believe what a difference her Feng Shui makes! It's amazing!"

—  Daya Fisch, Monterey CA


Online Feng Shui Consultation:
Align with the Forces of Nature, Harness the Energy and Experience the Benefits!

Discover the effect of your place on your life with an

Energy Field Assessment
Regularly US$777
  Now US$497* 
*This fee will be deducted from the cost of a subsequent consultation.

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