Working with clients inspired me to create a pdf report which is available for free. 'Activate Financial Flow in Your Business' gives some simple advice on how you can improve the flow and abundance in your home office and workplace.

The Energy Field of Your Place Affects Your Life!

"You know how people often move into a new place full of optimism and anticipation -but then find that things just don't go the way they expected, and they struggle with financial, health or relationship challenges that were previously not an issue?

Very often, people don't understand to what extent their place has an influence on their life. 


I help people who want to rise to the next level in their lives, realize how their home & business affect their life, and help them make the changes to make their life better."

Rajita Antonia
 Consult Feng Shui

Ensure that your home and business support your well-being and goals.

Your place may look lovely but in fact not have the effect you want on your life.

"Since Rajita's consultation, I'm getting $700 more a month for renting out my place. I can't believe what a difference her Feng Shui makes! 
It's amazing!"

Daya Fisch

Monterey, CA

What Results Would You Like?

Rajita tailors your consultation to fit your unique needs;

one of a handful of people trained at this advanced level in the USA—

—unlike the popular but generic 'one size fits all' Feng Shui.

"Transformative - Powerful - Effective" 

"I was surprised and impressed with the power of Rajita's Feng Shui—
It was far more in-depth than rearranging furniture. I loved how it was a way of decorating my home but with meaning and purpose.
As soon as I implemented the suggestions offered I felt stagnant energy shift. It was an exciting, refreshing and profound transformation...

My finances are now in beautiful abundance - life is flowing so easily and beautifully since you worked on my place!"

 Doug Vishal Brooks,

Melbourne, Australia

Struggling with any of the following?


  • Moving in and want to have the best design? 

  • Need support for chronic health issues?

  • Does your life need more flow and harmony?

  • Arguments repeatedly happening?

  • Children need to calm down?

  • Finances need a boost?

Real Estate Selection

Looking for your new place and want to make sure that it will have a positive impact ?

 All of these issues

-and more -

have been successfully

resolved through

Rajita's practice

of Feng Shui. 

Work Place:

  • Moving in and want to have the best design? 

  • Need more harmony in the workplace?

  • Arguments an issue?

  • Would you like to know how to best place your employees?

  • Productivity and income needing a boost?


  • Trouble sleeping?

  • Relationship needs harmony?

Color Selection

  • Find out which colors are best for your floor, walls and decor

Home Office

  • Troubles with wealth flow?
  • Reduce stress!
Stack the deck in your favor! 
  • This is going to tell you what impact your home or workplace is having on your life

  • Learn which areas of your home & business could be optimized for you to enjoy more Harmony, Vitality and Prosperity

  • Begin the process to have your own amazing results!

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Get Your Personal Life Energy Assessment for just $99

Feng Shui Consulting


Consultations are successfully conducted online,

with International Clientele

thanks to modern technology and Google Earth.

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