We want abundant lives that are in balance, full and rich in wealth, health and harmony.

Feng Shui is about harnessing the energies in and around your home and workplace so you live a life that is in harmony with nature, abundant and flowing.


The Energy Field of Your Place Affects Your Life!

"You know how people often move into a new place full of optimism and anticipation - but then find that things just don't go the way they expected, and they struggle with financial, health or relationship challenges that were previously not an issue.

Very often, people don't understand to what extent their place has an influence on their life. 

I help people who want to rise to the next level in their lives, realize how their home & workplace affect their life, and help them make the changes to make their life better."

Rajita Antonia
Consult Feng Shui

Struggling with any of the following?

  • ​Moving in and want to have the best design

  • Need support for chronic health issues

  • Does your life need more flow and harmony

  • Arguments repeatedly happening

  • Children need to calm down

  • Finances need a boost

  • ​Moving in and want to have the best design

  • Need more harmony in the workplace

  • Arguments an issue

  • Would you like to know how to best place your employees

  • Productivity and income needing a boost

Let Rajita help you resolve all of these issues and more!

Stack the deck in your favor!



"Rajita definitely helped with improving finances for my salon. Just 2 weeks after putting in her suggestion, business improved. Customers are now commenting on how good and inviting the salon feels with the new arrangements. It works perfectly for me and I'm so happy I listened to Rajita's advice."

—   Cheri Clark, Mirror Mirror Salon, Makawao HI

Rajita Antonia

Flying Star Feng Shui Expert & Speaker

Completely Passionate about the Transformative Effect of Feng Shui on

people's places and lives!

Rajita's calling started at the early age of seven when she would accompany her mother, a house designer and builder, on house design assessments. This early influence ignited an enthusiasm in her to learn about design aesthetics, which she incorporated into a ten-year career as a successful Real Estate Agent. 

Her studies over the last decade+ include the metaphysical science of Flying Star Feng Shui in the Feng Shui Research Center (FSRC) of Grand Master Joseph Yu, who recognizes her as a Professional Feng Shui Consultant.

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