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Activate Abundant Flow in Your Life & Workplace

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Get An Expert Guide

Use a Proven System

Make the Changes & Thrive!

The energy field of your place can hinder you
from living your best life.

Your home or business has its own energy signature, which can either work for or against you. If you've ever moved into a new place full of optimism and anticipation—but then found that you struggled with financial, health or relationship challenges that were previously not an issue —you've likely experienced the influence your environment can have on your life.

And while you can't change your destiny, you can make changes that activate dormant possibilities that transform how your life unfolds.

Aloha, I'm Rajita Antonia


Your Flying Star Feng Shui professional guide to transforming your life.

It's frustrating to live and work in a space that doesn't support you.

I'm here to help you transform where you live and work, by making some simple changes that create transformative effects.

Flying Star Feng Shui doesn't rely on intent or belief to be effective.

This ancient metaphysical science aligns the natural forces of your physical environment's Qi (earth energy fields) so that you are directly supported, with amazing results.


No matter what's currently going on in your life, Rajita's consultation helps you stack the deck in your favour. After putting remedies & enhancements in place, you'll experience the flourishing ease that comes from aligning your environment with the natural rhythms and laws of the universe.

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"Since Rajita’s consultation, I’m getting $700 more a month for renting out my place. I can’t believe what a difference her Feng Shui makes! It's amazing!"

—  Daya Fisch, Monterey CA

The Steps to Your Easier, Healthier, Wealthier Life:


Get an  Energy Field Assessment and find out how your place is currently working for or against you.


Have a Consultation, with personalized analysis, recommended remedies and enhancements.


Make the adjustments and experience life-transforming benefits.

Align with the Forces of Nature,
Harness the Energy, 
Experience the Benefits!

Discover the effect of your place on your life with an

Energy Field Assessment
Value US$747
  Now US$497* 

*This fee will be deducted from the cost of a subsequent consultation.
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