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Your home or business has its own energy signature, which can either work for or against you. If you've ever moved into a new place full of optimism and anticipation—but then found that you struggled with financial, health or relationship challenges that were previously not an issue —

you've likely experienced the influence your environment can have on your life.

The surprising truth is that your place can look just gorgeous, but in fact not be a support to your health, wealth and relationships. With years of training and experience I have learned to diagnose and bring balance to homes and workplaces so that they are harmonious and supportive of people's lives and goals.

Make the simple changes and activate dormant possibilities, to transform your home and how your life unfolds, all conducted online using Google Earth, cell phone video and Zoom 

Certified Professional Feng Shui Consultant Los Angeles & Online Worldwide 

Activate Abundant Flow in Your Home & Workplace with Feng Shui

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Enjoy an Easier, Healthier, Wealthier Life

It's frustrating to live and work in a space that doesn't support you! I'm here to help you transform where you live and work, making simple changes in use of space and decorative elements.

As an expert Feng Shui consultant who recognizes and works with your unique factors, I enjoy  supporting people to live easier, healthier and wealthier lives, in homes whose design is tailored  just for them, that look and feel great.

Aloha, I'm Rajita Antonia
Your Feng Shui Consultant


Professional  Feng Shui Consultant
Los Angeles & Online

Not the One Size Fits All

A powerful and effective diagnostic system,  the Feng Shui that I practise is different from generic 'one size fits all' popular Feng Shui, as it includes the factor of time, along with many other key factors unique to you:

  • your career, your hobbies and your goals

  • your gender and date of birth

  • time period your place was constructed

  • layout and how your place is being used 

  • businesses: the year you opened

  • current annual influences

  • the building's compass bearing

  • environmental assessment is a fundamental key

  • the effects of the Mountain and Water energies on your place

  • along with many other considerations



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