It is time for you to book your Annual Feng Shui Update!

Time Changes All Things...

  • The same is true for the Feng Shui for the home & business.

  • We have a way of not paying attention to how the energy in our place changes over the course of the year.

  • We often casually make changes and add new items that have an impact on the energy field.

  • In addition, the changes made by the passage of time also have a direct effect on the energy field of our place and life.



"Being informed of the most healthful/least beneficial places as they shift over time has improved my sleep and helped me set up the best place for work productivity as the year changes. 

Annual updates are a game changer!"

— Erin Dieguez, Maui Hawaii

Continue to get the benefits of good Feng Shui

with the Annual Update.

This is best done either before or soon after February 4th, 

midpoint between the winter Solstice and spring Equinox.

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Annual Update US$247

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