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Children Scooping Out Pumpkins

Far more than for adults,

the energy field where children 

live, learn and play has an

immediate effect on them.

Children respond directly

to the effects of the Feng Shui

Set up your children's places

for peaceful play & learning focus!


Stack the deck in your favor:

  • Select the best areas: location is key

  • Create the best possible spot for learning

  • Set up a safe play area

  • Create calming spaces for your children

  • Reduce stress

  • Increase peace and harmony in your home

All tailored to your home and family: your children's gender & date of birth, your lifestyle, and when your place was built are key factors in this transformative and effective Flying Star Feng Shui.

Home School

Now more than ever, the energy field in your home is having a direct effect on the quality of your life.

The impacts of Covid has had more children learning at home, and this is having an impact on everyone's life.

Create an environment that supports calm and focus for your children's play and study spaces.

We changed the color of the playroom and removed the flags.  It is our new favorite room because of the restful feel...  And we painted out the red in the hall.  We noticed a reduction in aggressive tendencies with our son and ourselves. That was amazing!

The feel of the house is much more solid, restful and organized.

Carol Melberg, Los Gatos CA

If you would like to improve things in your life and home,

the first step is to Book a Call with Rajita.

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