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Not sure where to start with Feng Shui, but interested to know what effects your place may be having on your health, wealth and well-being?   


---Then I recommend you start with an Energy Field Assessment. This will give you a clear picture of the current influences on your home and workplace as well as the potential for enhancing or mitigating these energies in order to give you better results. 
The Energy Assessment includes a discussion of the key energy sectors and influences in a 60 min. consultation via Zoom.

  • Find out the impact that your home and workplace are having on your life

  • Discover which areas could be optimized for greater wealth, health, and harmony 

  • In the home, see if your bedroom is supporting your health and relationships

  • In the workplace, find out if the cashier and reception are in good locations

  • Find out if it is possible to augment the wealth producing energy 

  • Begin the process today to have your own amazing results by clicking the button below:

Regularly US$777

Now US$497*

*This fee will be deducted from the cost of a subsequent consultation.

Testimonial from Dr. Norah Brown Joslin, Cardiac Surgeon
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"Just had an energy field assessment from Rajita Antonia, a knowledgeable Feng Shui consultant.

I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to incorporate a harmonious dynamic living or work environment. There is a lot of good information on her website."

Donna Bringenberg, Sacred Mountain Harmonics, Mt.Shasta CA

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