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As you spend about a third of your life sleeping, the energy where you sleep is of paramount importance.


You are completely open to and affected by the energy of your bedroom as you sleep!

If there is one room in your home that should have good Feng Shui, it is the bedroom, the most important room.


By optimizing the Feng Shui bed placement, position and Elements you can experience:

  • Deeper more restful sleep

  • Your bedroom as a sanctuary

  • Improved relationship harmony

  • Improved vitality and health over the long term

  • A bedroom that suits you, that looks and feels great



One Size Does Not Fit All !

How to Improve the Feng Shui in Your Bedroom:

  • 'One size fits all' Feng Shui doesn't really work, as life is not magically that simple! 

  • It is essential to first understand what effect the energy field of your bedroom has on you, as this is the only way to make informed decorating decisions that support you.

  • Next we choose the best place in the room to sleep, with the crown of your head in the best direction to support your health.

  • Elements can then be introduced to harmonize the energy, with the goal being to directly nurture and support your health and relationships, creating a beautiful space at the same time.

  • General de-cluttering tips are always helpful! You can treat your bedroom like your personal healing temple, keeping it clean and clear.

Improve the Feng Shui of your bedroom and experience how it can transform:

  • your use of space

  • your bed placement

  • your decorative elements

  • your health, relationship & life

-depending on the energy field of your home and your unique factors.


Client Testimonial:

"It’s hard to believe how much my husband’s health has improved since I added the chocolate brown!"

D.Delaney, Sydney Australia

Client Testimonial:

 Rajita's understanding and application of Feng Shui is amazing. Although I was incredibly resistant, she had me change the directions of my bed. After more than a decade of not sleeping well, I now get a minimum of 7 hours sleep a night.

This change has made a huge difference in the quality of my life."

S.Nuland Seattle

Key Elements of a Feng Shui Bedroom Layout:

  • The first thing to know is what kind of energy is coming up from the foundations, into the walls and into the large furniture, and most especially-into your bed. 

  • Next is knowing what kind of energy is coming in the windows and in the door, with the movement of air and light, and the movement of people and pets.

  • Once it is understood how these combine, elements can be introduced to harmonize these energies, depending on how time is affecting them, and what kind of effects this can have on your health.

  • The Five Elements are used, along with the use of space, to harness and harmonize the energies present for your benefit.  

  • Simply put: 'one size fits all' bedroom Feng Shui tips and bedroom layouts are completely theoretical at best, and not related to what will help you transform your bedroom to one that looks and feels great, so you can sleep well with your health well supported.



A Testimonial:


"Rajita showed me exactly what to do with the Feng Shui of my bedroom to improve my health.

I'd been suffering from many headaches and general fatigue. Since I made the changes Rajita suggested, my health has improved enormously. I have fewer headaches, and my general health has improved. I have more energy and vitality, which has meant I've been out walking nearly every day. I've lost weight without trying. I used to also have inflammatory pain in my joints and spine, which has pretty much gone now.


So I would definitely say the changes have caused a big transformation in my health, which provides the basis for enjoying all the good things in my life."

Julie Cairns,

Queenstown New Zealand

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Sacred Space in Your Bedroom

Create a Sacred Space in your bedroom and consciously let it affect you as you fall asleep.

Transform Your Sleeping Space with Feng Shui  Bedroom Layout Consulting Online

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