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As we spend about a third of our life sleeping, the energy where we sleep is of paramount importance.

We are completely open to and affected by the energy in the bedroom as we sleep. 

If there is one room in your home that should get the benefit of having good Feng Shui, it would be your bedroom!


The bedroom is the most important room to have good Feng Shui!

Making the simple changes to your bedroom to experience good Feng Shui can transform your life!


You can experience:

  • Deeper more restful sleep

  • Feeling of bedroom as sanctuary

  • Improved relationship harmony

  • Supported health 

  • Improved Vitality over the long term

Your bedroom's Feng Shui is   designed specifically for you ,

which is why it is so transformative and effective.

Image by Spacejoy
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"Rajita showed me exactly what to do with the Feng Shui of my bedroom to improve my health.

I'd been suffering from many headaches and general fatigue. Since I made the changes Rajita suggested, my health has improved enormously. I have fewer headaches, and my general health has improved. I have more energy and vitality, which has meant I've been out walking nearly every day. I've lost weight without trying. I used to also have inflammatory pain in my joints and spine, which has pretty much gone now.


So I would definitely say the changes have caused a big transformation in my health, which provides the basis for enjoying all the good things in my life."

Julie Cairns,

Queenstown New Zealand

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