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Yoga at Home



Now more than ever, we need our home to be a sanctuary that uplifts our heart and spirit, along with our physical and mental health.

Homes With a Sacred Space Have a Noticeably Better Ambiance

As a realtor, I went into hundreds of newly listed homes. I noticed that the homes with a dedicated Sacred Space had a markedly better atmosphere.

Since Covid times especially, stress and its impacts on our mental and physical health have become far more prevalent social issues. Creating a Sacred Space is a tremendous support for you, to get out of your mind and into your heart, to tune into Mother Nature and your breath, resulting in relaxation and inner peace.

Now more than ever, you need your home environment to be a

strong support for your mental health and well being.

Reorganize and reengineer your space so that it becomes your healing sanctuary. 


Nurture your well being with optimized Feng Shui:

  • Set up the best rooms or areas to be used as your sanctuary

  • Discover the best colours and elements to transform your place into a restful haven

  • Sit and face the best directions for optimum effect

  • Experience more flow and harmony

  • Support your health and relationships

  • Reduce your stress, renew, rejuvenate, and relax

"Your Sacred Space is where you can find yourself again and again."

Joseph Campbell

"Surprisingly Effective"

"The changes weren’t big but they were surprisingly effective. After they were made, people coming in have commented on how beautiful it looks. Now I have a lovely new area in my home that is a little sanctuary that uplifts my spirit and supports my health and wellbeing." 

Gael Ruby,

Mt.Shasta CA

Book a Call now and find out how you can make the simple changes to transform your life.

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