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Yoga at Home

Homes with a dedicated Sacred Space
have a much better atmosphere:

As a realtor, I went into dozens of newly listed homes every week for years. Without exception, I noticed that the homes with a dedicated Sacred Space- not necessarily religious in nature- had a tangibly better atmosphere.

In these challenging times, stress and its impacts on our mental and physical health have become far more serious social issues. Creating an area in your home dedicated to peace and tranquility, is a tremendous support for a peaceful and balanced atmosphere that uplifts and nourishes well being.

Creating Sacred Space
with Feng Shui:

  • Choose the best room or area to be used.

  • Use the right colours and elements to transform your place into a restful haven. 

  • Sit in the optimal spot and face your best directions.

  • Support yourself to connect with the world in a more positive way

  • Uplift your physical and mental health and reap the benefits!

Reduce Your Stress 
Renew, Rejuvenate, and Relax


Your physical environment affects your state of consciousness.

At a Funeral

Transform Your Inner State

Most spiritual traditions create sacred spaces and altars. These connect us to what they represent and change our inner state, affecting us as all environments do.

No matter what your living situation is, you can have a Sacred Space to nourish your inner being.

Meditating at Home

The Science Is In:

"Research is finally catching up to the idea that meditation—which has been practiced for millennia—also provides many health benefits, including relieving stress and anxiety."

National Geographic Magazine 5.14.24


Sacred Space in the Bedroom

Turn your sleeping area into a Sacred Space.

I can help you create your environment to be extra nurturing using Flying Star Feng Shui. You can consciously let it affect you as you fall asleep. 

Relax your body and mind, rejuvenate and revitalize.

"Surprisingly Effective"

"The changes weren’t big but they were surprisingly effective. After they were made, people coming in have commented on how beautiful it looks. Now I have a lovely new area in my home that is a little sanctuary that uplifts my spirit and supports my health and wellbeing." 

Gael Ruby,

Mt.Shasta CA

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