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The energy field of your Entry Way has a direct effect on the prosperity

of your  home &/or business.

Transform your Entry Way to have a powerfully positive effect on your place.


Transform Your Entry~

Reap the positive effects.

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This advanced level of Feng Shui always includes your birthdate, your goals, work and hobbies, and the key factor of Time.

It is specifically for you, which is why it is so transformative and effective.

Stack the deck in your favor:

  • Transform your entry with the best possible elements, forms and colors

  • Increase harmony in your life & home
  • Experience more abundance

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Now more than ever, your home has an impact on the quality of your life.

The Entry is considered the 'energy mouth' of the house, as the energy coming in effects the energy field of the entire house.

Transforming and harmonizing your entry way has a noticeably positive effect on the rest of your home and/or business.

Find out what energy

you are living and working with

and its effect on your life with an Energy Field Assessment.

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"I was surprised and impressed with the power of Rajita's Feng Shui. It was far more in-depth than rearranging furniture.

I loved how it was a way of decorating my home but with meaning and purpose. 

As soon as I implemented the suggestions offered I felt stagnant energy shift. It was an exciting, refreshing and profound transformation...

My finances are now in beautiful abundance - life is flowing so easily and beautifully since your worked on my place!"

Doug Vishal Brooks, Melbourne Australia

If you would like to transform the energy in your place, the next step is to book a call or an Energy Field Assessment.

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