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The energy field in your Entry Way has a direct effect on the prosperity & harmony of your home & workplace.


The entrance ~ the 'Qi mouth' of the house, is a crucial area of the house to have good Feng Shui.

The energy coming in from the entry affects the entire house, much as food entering the mouth has an effect on the entire body. 

You can transform and harmonize your entry to have a noticeably positive effect on the rest of your home, your business, and your life.

Now more than ever,
your home has an impact
on the quality of your life.

Home Deck


Transform the energy field in your entry and it will have a positive effect on your entire home/workplace:


  • Design according to your specific location and line of work & hobbies

  • Place elements that will be beneficial in the Entry Way 

  • Remove detrimental colors and elements from the Entry

  • Harness the incoming energy to support your Prosperity & Harmony

  • This applies to not only the front door, but also the entry that you use on a daily basis

Experience the Transformative Effects!

Wooden Door

Okay I kid you not... As you recommended I started playing the piano music in the entry yesterday and by the end of the day one of my stocks had popped up 38% increasing my net worth by over $500k, and I got confirmation of a royalty payment from Gaia for my film that was double what I expected it to be. #FengShuiWorks

Julie Cairns, author "The Abundance Code"

     Queenstown New Zealand

Find out what impact your home and workplace have on you with an Energy Field Assessment.

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