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The Remedies listed below are generic.

For them to be effective, specific recommendations based on each individual circumstance are necessary.

The Calabash

*Full text on computer version only*

The authentic Calabash is a gourd with the flesh inside carefully removed. It absorbs the negative Qi/energy of its surroundings and is one of the most popular and powerful cures used by Feng Shui practitioners. When properly placed, it is a powerful health cure.

In ancient times, the Calabash was used to store water or potions to keep travellers alive and thus was given the name of the “giver of life”, and became a symbol of good health.

Across Asia, India, Central & South America, and Africa, the Calabash is also believed to contain benefits for health and vitality. It is not a coincidence that medical doctors in the old days in China used the calabash as a container of medicine.

The shape of a Calabash is considered to be a representation of Heaven and Earth united in a miniature form. The top half of the gourd symbolizes heaven, and the bottom half is earth. The use of the gourd by humans signifies the union of earth, heaven and mankind.

The Calabash is a specific cure in Flying Star Feng Shui to support health and absorb negativity.

Placing a pair of Calabash together is a particularly effective cure.

bottle neck gourds.png

The shape of the gourd must be like an hourglass, called a bottleneck gourd. Search gourds by shape: bottle gourds.

The photo on the left is the premium bottleneck gourd that is recommended to create the Calabash.


copy paste:

U.S.A. :       Select Cleaned Bottle Gourds

Australia:       Select Medium Bottle Gourds

Europe:                  Select Calabaza Peregrino                                                                                              Natural Mediana

Africa: These gourds are found abundantly. Be sure they are not already opened as they collect negative energy. Follow the instructions to make the Calabash fresh for your place.

bore hole saw.png

Each Calabash must have a round hole drilled in it in the upper lobe. 

This hole must remain uncovered to allow negative energy to be collected.

On the left is an example of an Arbored hole saw, to be fitted on a drill, to make the necessary hole in the gourd. It is recommended to wear a mask while doing this. A wire coat hanger and long screwdriver are good for removing the seeds and any loose pulp, and a light sanding at the end leaves all the edges smooth and beautiful.


Drilling Hole


Cleaning out

with screwdriver


Cleaning out

with wire hanger


Sanding the hole


These photos are of finished golden Calabash, with the open hole drilled near the top, the inside seeds and pulp removed, and painted a golden color-optional but recommended. Otherwise, give it a coat of shellac to help preserve it.


Do not buy gourds that have already been opened, as you do not want the negative Qi already absorbed from the previous location. With one exception, the colour red and any ‘Fire’ colours are to be avoided in the area with Calabash.

A real dried Calabash is far more effective than a metal replica. 

Correct placement is key to effectiveness.

To Refresh Your Calabash:

Every so often take out your Calabash and dust it off, then refresh it by pouring in a small amount of clear alcohol and swishing it around for a minute. Pour out the alcohol and let the Calabash dry in the sun or on top of a heater. This can be done anytime as needed, and especially just before Chinese New Year on Feb. 4th, the point between the Winter Solstice and the Equinox, when you may be moving your Calabash around according to the changing annual influences.


The Sound of Metal

This is a very potent remedy used in specific cases to offset powerful negative earth energies that can be too strong. Using 'Metal' to weaken 'Earth' is efficient when the Metal is in the form of energy, i.e. sound. The 'Sound of Metal' is an energetic healer;  subtle, and therefore powerful and effective.


pendulum clock.png

For the best results, a skeletal chiming clock with a round pendulum is ideal as it is constant eg, Hermle mechanical skeleton wall clock. Even better yet, is a clock with Westminster Chimes.

Another excellent Westminter Chimes clock with modern design:

Modern clock.png

As an interim step, you could also choose to download the Mindfullness Bell App to regularly ring during waking hours, minimum every 10 to 15 min. Please note: Apps only ring when your device is opened, so it is not the ideal choice. It is better used on an open iPad or iPod etc. dedicated just for that purpose.


Screen Shot 2021-11-12 at

When you hear the bell you can use it as a prompt to take a deep breath and be present. is another choice that has 'Singing Bowls' as an option for background sounds.

Playing classical piano music is another choice. Mozart and Bach Piano sonatas are ideal.

You could also use an Amazon Echo set to play classical piano constantly; the volume can be low if you wish.

Peaceful Piano, a playlist by Spotify, is another option.

Lovely piano music for the iPad or similar device:


Water Features

For an indoor water feature, one of the best selections is the Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium kit, 5 & 10 gallons, or one similar to it found online at Amazon. 

It is ideal because: 1) it can be open at the top 2) has a good amount of water 3) has a light 4) takes up very little space with a 10x10” footprint for the 5 gallon tank.

Water features in the home or workplace are best placed at waist height or above.

The water feature should be constructed of metal or glass; best not use earthenware or concrete.

Smaller fountains don’t hold enough water to make enough of a difference to be effective.

fluvial chi water feature.png
Aquarium Penn flex.png
Water pond.png

Rule of Thumb:

When in the right place, "More Water = More Better"

When a pond is not an option, outdoor fountains can be made with a water pump placed in a very large planter pot, whisky barrel planter, or a galvanized water trough often sold in hardware stores or on Amazon. Instructions on how to create a fountain are available online.  Although solar-powered pumps are an option, it is much better to have a constant flow of water.

If you need a moving water feature in an area where there is no electrical outlet or where it would be unappealing to have a cord draped, you could use a "water wiggler” water agitator from Amazon. It is a battery operated device that would work well eg. in a foyer entrance table or birdbath.



Salt Water Cure

Use only when specifically recommended.

Full text on computer & tablet versions only.

Q) How do I set up my salt water cure?

  1. Fill up a glass jar; with table or rock salt to about three quarters full.

  2. Fill the jar to the top with tap water. It would be a good idea to place a mat or plate under the jar to protect furniture or flooring.

  3. The jar will form crystals over time; this shows that it is working to absorb the negative energy.

  4. Make sure the water is always topped up.

  5. Lightly cover the top of glass/container.

  6. The salt water cure should not be placed in a cupboard.

  7. Try not to touch or move the jar too much as it absorbs negative energy.

Remember to place a sizeable mat/tray/platter under the jar/bowl of the salt solution to protect the able that it is on. You may wipe around the surface of the table.

Q) Can the salt water cure be covered or placed in a cupboard? 

  • No, it must be exposed to the air (qi) otherwise it will not absorb the negative energy, many people place them in cupboards and wonder why the crystal formation is not high, it is because it is not working. Place it in an open area where it is exposed to the air (Qi).

Q) I really do not want my partner or visitors to my home or business to see the cure, what can you recommend?

  • Many clients who require cures to be discreet, and certainly you do not need to have your home or business looking like a Chinese restaurant to have good Feng Shui (!) The salt water cure can be placed on a cupboard/shelf and then placing a photo frame or similar in front of it to hide it, as long as the top of the jar/glass is exposed to the air, that is fine. Make sure that you regularly check the salt water cure as it may need to be topped up with water, especially in the summer months.

Q) I have read that you can use normal coins to place on top of the salt, and also that using coins is not necessary. Is this correct? 

  • Yes. Many advanced Feng Shui consultants in the forum I participate in (Feng Shui Research Center) find that the coins do not make any difference; simply some good coins get ruined, so we usually do not include them.

Q) I have been told not to have water in a bedroom; does this apply to a salt water cure?

  • A very popular question and one that does not apply. A salt water cure is fine in a bedroom and any other room in the home, as it is no different to having a glass of water beside your bed each night. This is called a “yin” water cure. The type of water you do not place in a bedroom is a “yang” water cure like an aquarium of water feature with a pump, as the water movement makes it yang and this is harmful in a bedroom.


Q) How often do I change the salt cure and when should it be placed? 

  • This depends on the amount of negative strong earth energy in the home; some people who change the salt cure 3-4 times a year because the build up of crystal around the rim is very large and sometimes up to 4-5 inches and flowing down the sides; they really can look incredible. Other clients change them once a year in early February, the mid-point between the Solstice and the Equinox when the Annual influences change, on Chinese New Year.


Q) What size glass/jar/container should I use? 

  • Use a normal size pint glass that would be used in a pub. If you are from a country that is not familiar with pint size, this is a container around 750cl in volume. There is a photo of a new salt cure below to give you an idea. Glass containers are preferable, and the pint glass is a good example as it is the perfect size for the top as it is exposed the air (Qi). 

Q) What will happen if I disturb or knock-over my salt cure? 

  • This is something that you want to try and avoid, having this cure in a building is akin to having a bee’s nest in your home or business, in that it will not harm you if left undisturbed, but start poking it and disturbing it, and there will be negative results. If the salt cure is only a few months old it should be okay, but if it is over three months with a lot of crystallization around the rim, you must renew it as you will have disturbed a lot of negative energy. When you place the cure make sure it will not be disturbed for the time it is there. Also be careful when cleaning around the jar, do not get tempted to pick off the crystals on the rim and do not knock it when cleaning.

Q) What other cures can be placed near the salt cure? 

  • It is good to have metal cures close to the salt cure as these will also weaken the subtle of the strong negative earth. Unless otherwise directed, keep all 'Fire' away from the salt cure area You can refer to the 5 Elements page of this website for examples.

Q) How do I dispose of my old salt water cure? 

  • February 4th, (Chinese New Year and the mid-point between the Solstice and Spring Equinox), you should throw your old glass and water/salt away. Because they store so much negative energy it is best to pour the water down an outside drain (one at the back of house that leads away from the building) and place the salt/glass (and coins if you used them) into a bag and place in a trash bin. Do not recycle the coins or container.


salt water cure 1.png

Cures When They Are New

salt water cure 3.png
salt wate cure.png

Older Salt Water Cures

Salt Lamps

A round salt lamp is used for its shape and its salt releasing ions.

It is a combined fire and metal cure for wood-earth star combinations where the application of 'Fire' and 'Metal' is recommended.

For a different kind of situation, a salt lamp can be used to augment auspicious 'Earth' energy. Any beautiful salt lamp in the shape of a 'mountain' is appropriate.

In general the salt lamp needs to be kept on all the time, and especially in damp climates so that the salt remains dry. 


True Feng Shui application requires neither belief nor intention to create a positive effect.

Rajita Antonia

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