an Energy Field Assessment
Usually US$447
Now US$297

  • Find out the impact that your home & workplace are having on your life

  • Learn which areas  could be optimized for greater prosperity, vitality and harmony

  • Learn if your bedroom is supporting your health and relationships

  • See if it is possible to augment to increase your abundance

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Wondering where to begin?

If you are new to Feng Shui and want to see what kind of impact it can have without making the full home commitment, you could start in one defined area or room:

  • Experience the benefits in a smaller area

  • The Bedroom is the most important room, especially if you are struggling with health and sleep; for more on the Bedroom CLICK HERE

  • The Home Office is another important area to consider, influencing your financial opportunities; for more on the Home Office CLICK HERE

  • The energy coming into your place from the front door and from where you regularly enter has an effect on your entire place; for more on the Entry CLICK HERE

  • The cost of the one room consultation can later be dedicated towards having a Life-Home or Premium Life-Home Transformation 

  • As a first step I always recommend having the ENERGY FIELD ASSESSMENT, however if you prefer you can book a complimentary 30 min phone or zoom consultation where we will discuss how feng shui could support your required outcomes. I will then be able to recommend the best service for you, as well as answer any questions.

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With this consultation, you will harness the energy of your place to work for you. Make the best possible use of your space: optimum room allocations esp. bedrooms and office, best entry choice, best parking location, interior wall decoration colors and elements, floor decoration colors and elements, furniture placements, with wealth enhancing and health supporting remedies tailored specifically to who you are, what you do, and your personal goals.

  • Initial consultation during which recommendations are tailored to suit your taste

  • Analysis with remedies given directly on your floor plan for easy reference

  • Follow up consultation to ensure that all of your questions are answered

  • 8 weeks availability via email & text to ensure that your choices align for you to live with the best possible outcomes

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Includes everything in the Total Home Transformation (listed above), but with an even higher level of service:

  • Initial consultation, when the recommendations are tailored to suit your taste

  • Analysis with recommendations directly on your floor plan for easy reference

  • Plus an additional in-depth analysis in a separate report with more information for optimum effect

  • Two follow up consultations to ensure that all of your questions are answered

  • Twelve weeks availability via email and text to ensure that your choices align for you to live with the best possible outcomes 

  • A professional counsellor to help you work through any resistance to organizing and implementing the recommendations 

Family Viewing House


  • ​Start off on the right foot with optimal site selection 

  • Design your new place with Feng Shui tailored personally for you (and your family); I can work directly with your architect

  • Shift the energy in a new location to one that supports the life you want

  • Mitigate harsh or negative energy that already exists in a space (bankruptcy Qi, divorce Qi, etc)

  • Optimize your wealth and opportunity potential to make your life flow as smoothly as possible!

 If you are interested in working together, book a call so I can get to know you and understand your needs.

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